Pizza Museum Serves Up 'Tasty' Art


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  • "Who loves pizza?" is a question you almost never have to ask an American.
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  • A better question might be "Who doesn't love pizza?"
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  • Now, there is a place for all pizza lovers to gather: the newly-opened Museum of Pizza. It can be found in America's pizza capital - New York City.
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  • A company called Nameless Network came up with the idea for the museum, known as "MoPi" for short.
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  • "It's often that the simplest ideas are the best," said Alexandra Serio. She is with Nameless Network.
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  • The company used the popularity of pizza as a way to get people "looking at art and hearing about history in a different format," Serio explained.
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  • She added that Nameless Network asked many kinds of artists to create art works about pizza. They, in turn, provided large photographs, sculptures and huge installations.
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  • ​Thousands see MoPi
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  • The Museum of Pizza is set up in a large space on the street level of the William Vale Hotel in Brooklyn, New York.
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  • MoPi is a "pop-up" museum - meaning it can be enjoyed only for a short time before being moved somewhere else.
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  • So far, the museum has had lots of visitors. More than 6,000 people came through the doors when it opened this month.
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  • Visitors seem to love MoPi's bright colors, which makes it perfect for taking selfies and other photographs for social media.
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  • Nene Raye, from New Jersey, was a recent visitor. Raye did not expect to see what she saw - and she was happy about that.
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  • Honestly, I thought it would be, like, more of a traditional museum, she said.
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  • But instead, Raye got some of everything. "So you get a little bit of education and then some fun, which I love," she said.
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  • Nameless Network's Alexandra Serio said that, in recent years, art museums have changed as they've aimed for younger visitors. They are becoming more interactive and photo-friendly, she said.
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  • ​Pizza lovers love it
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  • Lydia Melendez had made plans to visit the pizza museum in April. For her, the experience was worth the wait.
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  • "I thought it was going to be kind of boring," she said. She imagined walking in and finding books on how to make pizza.
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  • But she was very pleased when her actual experience was different than what she had imagined.
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  • Pizza may be what has captured the interest of crowds. But the point of the museum has been to help people experience more art.
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  • Serio said the Museum of Pizza's crowds are unlike the crowds at more traditional museums. But MoPi is making art available to everyone.
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  • I'm Alice Bryant.
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  • The Associated Press reported this story. Alice Bryant adapted it for VOA Learning English. George Grow was the editor.
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  • Words in This Story
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  • museum - n. a building in which interesting and valuable things (such as artistic, scientific or historical objects) are shown to the public
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  • format - n. the form, design, or arrangement of something
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  • sculpture - n. a piece of art that is made by carving or molding clay, stone, metal or something else
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  • installation - n. a work of art that usually has several parts and that is usually shown in a large space
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  • interactive - adj. designed to respond to the actions, commands, etc., of a user
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  • boring - adj. dull and uninteresting